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Welcome to ANB Art


From minimalist to luxuriant from traditional to contemporary

Alex Croft and Bobo Leung, the two founders of ANB Art.


We are applicators of special paint and sexy polished plaster finishes for interiors and exteriors.  We take pride in providing the highest quality at a affordable rate.  We can work with designers or from references and renderings to create samples based on the style of your project. Using a wide range of different paint and plasters we are able to create limitless amounts of textures. You can be assured that we prepare the walls and take care of the surrounding area during the working period.  We have a passion for bringing style and originality into a space , home or business environment.
We will work with you from concept to completion to achieve the end result you desire. 


Bobo Leung
Artist / Decorative Painter

Bobo Leung is an artist trained in theatre and stage design.  She studied at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and majored in Scenic Art.

She specializes in the application of different kinds of polished plaster and faux finishes such as painted marble, stone or rust textures.

Alex Croft
Mural Artist /
Decorative Painter

With a keen interest in graffiti and street art Alex enjoys working with spray paint doing stencil work and mural painting.  Alex holds a BA in Fine art and photography from Kingston University London giving him a keen eye for composition and ways of seeing.  

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